Southern Centres

Please see below for the report from the Southern Centres meeting held on the 15th September 2021:

REPORT: SOUTHERN CENTRES – Wednesday 15 September 2021 – 7.30pm

23 people in attendance - 7 apologies received

The meeting started with Darren asking for one minute silence in respect of all those that have passed over the last year.

Darren advised that this meeting was an informal meeting to catch up with each other and to discuss general plans for the next event, which will be in 2023.

  • Stuart showed the accounts to the committee, and they were discussed.

  • The bi-annual AGM is to be held 16th February 2022 at Westerham Village Hall at 7.30pm – details to follow later.

  • We discussed the fees for the next SC event. Possibly an increase of £5 for the weekend (unit plus 2 adults and their children, 17 years and under) with £1 per night for each extra person. These figures will be decided once we find out details of marquee and equipment costs.

  • Darren and Stuart – we would like more people to help us at the rally – fete, tombola, at the bar, sports etc, etc. Centres will be asked to inform their members of this.

  • Darren asked if the current Officers will be continuing to stand for another year. All agreed except one who is still considering due to work pressures.

  • Darren asked if the SC reps from each centre would like to continue. All agreed providing that their centre committees agree.

  • We discussed types of entertainment we would like to have. Ideas were given and discussed at great length.

  • Sponsorship was discussed but as Roger wasn’t at the meeting we will discuss at a later date.

  • Catering was discussed as to what food and meals we will be doing. Catering equipment will be checked and perhaps sourced differently.

  • Most of our equipment is stored in a large container in Kent, this needs to be sorted out and tidied. It was suggested some of us would go at some time next year to where its stored and put all tentage up to check it. There were volunteers ready to help with this job.

  • Tony asked Stuart if he was able to purchase strapping kits to hold the poles etc together in the container.

  • Due to a member not able to use a works lorry, we will need a 7-ton HGV lorry and driver to take all equipment to the site. We may have to hire one if we can’t find someone who can help out.

  • We discussed the equipment that we have from the Shoreham Scouts group and how to get it there It will need two journeys next time if still using the trailer – are there any alternatives?

  • Stuart is to email all committee members and reps to check their email addresses as there have been some difficulties recently.

  • Meeting closed. Next meeting is the AGM in February 2022


Sue Johnson – Southern Centres Rep