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1. Please submit your item for sale to the site admins via e-mail to 
2. You must supply the exact wording for your advert including the price - This will be copied directly onto the advert and will not be altered.
3. Please supply a maximum of 2 pictures of the item for sale, the files should be in .JPG format and no larger the 2mb each.
4. Please supply your name, phone number and/or e-mail address to be contacted.

5. If the item sells then please contact the site admins to have the advert removed.

6. Adverts will remain for 3 months then be removed. They can be relisted


1. Please contact the seller directly and not via the site e-mail as this may not be seen and actioned.

2. Click on any picture for an enlarged version. If you want more pictures then please contact the seller directly.


Please take all reasonable precautions during the selling/buying process, the West Sussex Centre takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the adverts and cannot be held accountable for any issues during the buying/selling process.

ADVERT 001 - 12/05/2021


Item Description:

Pictures taken on a cold day

This post is for testing purposes only


Name Name Name


Contact Number


Contact E-Mail

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